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Recently, somebody out there has announced a simple "frames" hack which uses func_train objects. Well, we have news for you: Dimensionality has had a working "frames" class since mid-November.

Since most people want proof of this before we release our next big PAK, we've decided to let the rest of the world play with our frames class. You can download a ZIP file with our latest progs.dat and documentation on how to use the func_frame class.

Click here to download the func_frames class.

You can also download a set of demo levels which show off the capabilities of the func_frame class. Many of the neat gizmos you will see in these levels will be in our next big PAK, which is about half-built but is as-yet unnamed.

These two demo levels are also downloadable. To run, they do require the Dimensionality progs.dat, so if you want to see them, download that first.

Destructable Lever Spinning Fan Slicer and Dicer

The rest of the capabilities of this class we're keeping to ourselves, but there are a LOT more neat tricks you can do with this. As yet, there are no plans to release the Quake C source for the func_frame class, but I suppose if I get enough demand and if the rest of the group agrees, I may release it after our new episode is released.

(Incidentally, there are other new Quake C classes in the progs.dat, but I'm not going to include documentation on them. If I do release the func_frame class, I'll release all the others, which include a better push-brush, an earthquake brush, the ever-horrific gib shooter, big electric bolts, jump gates, light stands, and more!)

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