1998 - 2000


01 January 2000 Happy New Year!

We wish you a happy new year as we say goodbye to the 1900s and enter the final year of the second millenium and twentieth century.

-- Dr Strangelove


05 November 1999 Burn All GIFs Day


In accordance with the Internet community protest against the latest actions of UNISYS we are removing all GIF images from our web page.

I have also fixed our long-broken old news archive.

-- Dr Strangelove


20 August 1999 Sorry for the delays

As some people have observed, our estimated release date for "Redstone" has continued to slip.  While it would be nice to be the exception in an industry notorious for not meeting deadlines, we have not been able to progress as quickly with "Redstone" as we had hoped.

We thank you for your patience.

-- Dr Strangelove


27 May 1999 Additions to Gallery page

I've added pictures from Cobalt and the Dimensionality Deathmatch Pack to our gallery.

I've also fixed the links to Lockdown and Cobalt.  Their locations on WONswap should now be a click away from our downloads page.  We are sorry that they've been so hard to get to.

-- Dr Strangelove


12 May 1999 Deathmatch for Half-Life

Two deathmatch maps we've developed for World Opponent Network have been uploaded to WonSwap.  Both are for Valve Software's Half-Life.

Lockdown, by Halakar, is an intense 2-8 player map aimed at small groups of combatants.

Cobalt, which I did, is a partial reversal of the deathmatch paradigm for 2-32 players.

-- Dr Strangelove


26 April 1999 A Little Rush Job

We've been working very hard for the past couple of weeks on a small project that we hope will be out very shortly.  ...or maybe it's out by the time you're reading this and that's what lured you here...

-- Dr Strangelove


22 February 1999 New Page Graphics

Pardon things if they get a little messy for a little while.  We're working on new page graphics. 8)

-- Dr Strangelove


10 January 1999 Belated New Year's...

...And I put up a page for the current beta for the Age of Empires scenario I've been working on HERE.

-Dr Strangelove

12 Dec 1998 New Snail Address

We again have a snail address for those out there who might find it of interest. The address is:

PO Box 305404
Denton TX 76203

-Dr Strangelove

03 Dec 1998 Chugging along

We've been working on our current project, so our apologies for the lack of updates. We hope to have something to show pretty soon, either a small side project or possibly details of the main one in the next month or so.

People with Age of Empires who would be interested in testing a scenario are asked to email me. No, this is a side project, not the main one. 8)

-Dr Strangelove

01 Oct 1998 SFJenn 1.5 released

Jenn Dolari has released version 1.5 of the SFJenn patch for SFIBM 1.98 (available at http://www.dragondata.com/~dolari/sfjenn.html )

SFJenn 1.5 is a completely self contained fighting game based on the popular Street Fighter II arcade games. This patch allows you to play as ten of the popular Street Fighter characters, along with two Mortal Kombat cast members.

12 Sept 1998 Rod's map released

While we're between projects, here's the finished version of Rod's Quake II map. Enjoy.

- Dr Strangelove

05 Sept 1998 Further changes

Matt Keller, also known as the Watcher, has been with Dimensionality almost since the very beginning. As other commitments in early 1996 threatened to prevent me from giving Dimensionality the time it deserved, I offered Watcher the title of administrator, and he proceeded to do far more than I had ever anticipated. He built up most of what Dimensionality became and promised to become. However, with several unsuccessful commercial endeavours over the past eighteen months, a great many of us are too drained to continue for the time being, and Watcher has joined the list of those of us who need to pick up and go on for awhile. We wish Watcher the best of luck in completing his degree, and in making the most of the lessons learned during his time at the helm of Dimensionality.

- Dr Strangelove

May 6 What ARE we doing?

We've been extremely busy with school since the radical changes in Dimensionality. Below are a couple screenshots of what we've been doing. The first two are of a single player/deathmatch map Rod has been working on. You can download it here. The set are shots of a level I've been working on, and the last two are of Mark's map. Enjoy.
-The Watcher

First shot of Rod's map Second shot of Rod's map
First shot of the Watcher's map Second shot of the Watcher's map
First shot of Mark's map Second shot of Mark's map

March 23 Changes in time

Things change, history changes.  As many of you who frequent this site noticed several months ago, we experienced an exodus.  Due to lack of funding on our commercial project, Dimensionality has dissolved as a corporation.  Those of us who remain are returning to our studies and will be returning to our roots as a TC group.  We will return to our much more open development philosophy which many of you experienced back during the development of our DM pack. I'll let everyone know what we are working on as it happens.  My thanks to everyone who followed us, and my best wishes to Sean, Eric, Ben and JamesH in the future.
-The Watcher

January 12, 1998 New Year, New Member 

Hello everyone. I know it has been awhile since we updated, but we've been very distracted around here by Real Life, especially getting work done. I was working for some time on design documents for everyone to take to CES in Las Vegas, and Sean has been working on demos. Currently James Hills, Steve, Eric, and the Browns are at CES. 

We have just recently added Phillip Thorne to our roster as our freelance concept artist. His previous work includes concept art on Vicarious Visions' Dark Angael as well as their upcoming Terminus. He has done amazing work for us realising my visions of the inhabitants of our world for the design documents. Give him a yell why don't you? :)
-The Watcher

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