1995 - 1997

November 6, 1997 QuakeC source released

We've decided to release the QuakeC source that was included in the DM pack as well as the compiled progs.dat on our site. It includes: the func_frames class, non-euclidian geometry support, gib fountains (an adaption of which can be seen in Rigor), and much more. We originally created much of this source about a year ago for a project I outlined in my .plan awhile back. Happy digging,
-The Watcher

September 25, 1997 DOLey back/busy

As many of you are aware, DOLey is back from ECTS. It was a very busy convention, and moved us forward. If you would like to read his reports from the convention floor, check out unreal.org. He got a good look at all of the games coming out this Christmas, and it is going to be a memorable season.
We have been very busy around here working on "The Project", so we're rather quiet right now. Hopefully we will be able to tell you more in time.
-The Watcher

September 8, 1997 DOLey at ECTS

James "DOLey" Hills is at ECTS right now in England, where he is talking with publishers and taking a big look at all the incredible games coming for the Christmas season. You can check out his reports on unreal.org, including his runin with a scared computer. Also, we were interviewed on Unreal Audio just last week, so check it out. There were more than a few hints dropped about the nature of "Project".
-The Watcher

August 24, 1997 Dimensionality makes its debut apearance at London's ECTS

James Hills, a.k.a. "Doley", will be travelling to London in early September to publicize Dimensionality at ECTS. Read all about it on our ECTS page.

-Ben Haith

August 19, 1997 Come talk with us on #dimensionality

Dimensionality has a channel on IRC now! You can come talk with us at #dimensionality on the unreal.org IRC network. Some servers are:

  • bleat.unreal.org
  • irc.unrealnet.org
  • rover.unrealnet.org - European server

Use whichever one works best for you.

-Ben Haith

August 12, 1997 Dimensionality finger up!

I just got done writing up a nice little script so you can finger us here at Dimensionality. Currently only three of us have been actively updating our plans, but as more of us do that we will update the list. Head on over to the Members page and check it out.
-The Watcher

August 3, 1997 General update

We have been very busy lately working on "The Project" and looking for a modeler. For those of you who have applied, we should have contacted you by now. Also, there was a big deathmatch on July 29 at using our pack, and I have just been informed by AUX there that they are playing there quite often. I may be showing up there every once in awhile, so keep your eyes open! ;)
-The Watcher

July 5, 1997 Modeler Search

Well, we're searching for a new modeler. We need you to contact us by July 19.
I hope everyone had a fun Fourth. Some of us went over Sean's house, and made a lot of noise. :-)
-The Watcher

June 24, 1997 To E3 and Back

Eric and I just returned from E3 and oh what an exiting, and wonderful time it was. I feel that it was very productive though as we were able to meet with several individuals and make some progress towards what we are currently working on. (more news in the upcoming months) While this was officially a business trip don't fret, Eric and DOLey were not suits, we had a GREAT time walking around the exhibit halls and seeing all sorts of super cool stuff. The following is a list of some of the coolest stuff we saw.

Unreal: Wooooooooo this was an incredible game. Most games have one part that is awesome id = engines 3dRealms = games etc. But Epic has assembled one of the best computer action games I have EVER seen. Every thing in it is awesome models, animations, weapons, and graphics.

Quake 2: Very nice looking, I don't want to make any judgments based on the demo since the enemy AI was not implemented, but the models are very nice looking and detailed. However the game still looks like Quake and the level design wasn't anything special.

incoming: looks extremely impressive, not my genre but still really cool.

Tomb Raider 2: Wooooo Laura Croft was a babe last year and now she is more of one in another great game. Cant wait till it is released to play it.

Cool Freebies: Unreal Hats from GT, Snot Gulp water bottles and Tee Shirts at the Odd World booth, and free Star Bucks Coffee at the Virgin booth.

#1 Cool thing was being able to party in the Ritz with the Epic guys and being able to meet all the cool people that we had previously only known from IRC and email.

So that about wraps things up. If there is any doubt you MUST go to E3 next year it is definitely a great way to spend a few days and a modest amount of money.

June 15, 1997 E3

Hey all. We've been very busy around here working on our latest project, and getting ready to head down to E3. Sean has been off his feet with his job and coding, and I've been working on all sorts of docs. After E3 goes by we'll start opening up about what we are really up to-no doubt a lot of you out there have already guessed what we are doing by now. DOLey and Aramis will be down at E3 this week, so see if you can catch up with them.
Several people have emailed us about our QuakeC sources, wondering when they would be released. Well, they have been. They are inside the pack for the Deathmatch pack. The full func_frame stuff, blood fountain, and much much more. Happy fun!
-The Watcher

June 1, 1997 Busy as Bees

Inspired Chaos here, we're all humming away here getting ready for E3. I traveled to M3, and had an incredibly good time there. I met a lot of really cool people, including Paradox, Lithium, Loonyboi, Killcreek, Esses, Aragorn, Lagos, and of course, the kings of cool, Blue, and JudgeCal(and many others that escape me now). I'm enjoying the Space Orb I won during the marathon Quake Cast(listen in to find out how). I have a good collection of M3 pics that haven't been digitized as of yet, but when they are, I'll be sure to post a few. The guys here are a little cautious about bandwidth so It may have to be on my personal site.
-Inspired Chaos

May 18, 1997 Traveling..

DOLey, Rod and Mark are down in Texas right now, meeting a lot of really cool people in the gaming community. They'll be back in the next day or two, so be sure to email them and find out what it was like.
The pack has been a great success-we have had over 7000 hits here, and we estimate more downloads than that. I'm hoping to get a larger version of Fortress out for CTF sometime, but that may take awhile (Fortress is a huge level), and I am working on a few new maps. Those will appear in time.
If you are running a server with the pack on it, please contact me and I will list your server on our page. Also, if you encounter any problems with the pack, email anyone involved. We have been informed of some QuakeWorld problems, and we are looking into them.
-The Watcher

May 10, 1997 Dimensionality Deathmatch Pack Released!

After much work Dimensionality is very proud to announce the release of our DeathMatch pack. This pack features 9 all new deathmatch levels by Dimensionality members, as well as one special level Myscha graciously contributed to us. We also released the banner below:

 Dimensionality DeathMatch Pack

We look forward to seeing you out there in battle!
-The Watcher

May 7, 1997 Mailing address

Dimensionality just got a snail mail address, so you can contact us the good old fashioned way now. Here it is: Dimensionality Calder Square P.O. Box 10178 State College, PA 16805-0178

-The Watcher

[note: the current address is at the bottom of the page.  The one listed above is long gone]

May 3, 1997 New Look

Just put up the first screen shots from Fortress of Hatred, the last of the levels for the DMPack that need to get finished. We're in the midst of a hard press to get this pack out, especially with finals bearing down upon us. With the latest version of QuakeWorld out, our QuakeC is now working without a hitch across all versions of the game. As things appear right now, the final release will be about a 5-6 meg zip. If any of you think we should also release a version that has been broken into 1.4 meg chunks, please email me as soon as possible.
-The Watcher

April 28, 1997 New Look

Just got a massive round of page updates done, so the page has a great new look. We also just release new screen shots, so take a look. The pack should be out in the next week or so, as long as the beta testers don't hit a snag. Soon after the release of the pack we will be releasing our QuakeC source, including our func_frames class, as well as a transparent water version of the deathmatch pack.
Also, Rod, Sean and I will be releasing some of our old Doom deathmatch maps soon, so those of you who are nostalgic will have some more great maps to play. Eric and Rod are planning to release some of their exceptional Warcraft 2 multiplayer PUDs as well. We have much more coming over the horizon, so keep a lookout.
-The Watcher

April 4, 1997 QuakeCast

Well, Sean and I were on QuakeCast last night. Very cool guys, and I just want to thank JudgeCal, Blue, and the rest of the crew at Pseudo. Great interview guys. I'll tell you more about that little secret of ours in a couple months. You will like it :)
-The Watcher

March 22, 1997 New screen shots!

We have just released new screen shots from our upcoming deathmatch pack. Take a look at them when you get the chance. We hope to get the levels to the beta testers in a week, and then get the pack released in two weeks time (give or take for Real LifeTM). I would just like to thank everyone for the mirror offers. We still need sites in Europe, so if you have space please contact me.
-The Watcher

March 12, 1997 We've moved!

Dimensionality has recently moved to dimensionality.com! We wish to thank the great guys at Vertex Internet who have given us this space! Also, we are currently looking for mirrors for our deathmatch pack, which we hope to have out sometime at the end of March. If you have a site with at least a T1 connection that can be up for the first two weeks of release, please email me as soon as possible.
-The Watcher

March 1, 1997 Project Change

We have changed our current project from a new Quake episode to a deathmatch level pack. We did this for two reasons: 1. With our big project taking so much of our time right now, we can't dedicate the time necessary to the new episode 2. We like DM more anyway.
-The Watcher

February 26, 1997

We have chosen our new provider. Hopefully in about two weeks time we shall be running from a new site. I shall keep you informed about this and other changes as soon as I can.
-The Watcher

February 15, 1997

If you want to know more about what is going on around here, finger watcher@mhk113.rh.psu.edu. Just a word of warning-I actually do my level work on that system, so I can't guarantee it will be up at all times.
-The Watcher

February 3, 1997

Dimensionality wishes to apologize for any problems you may have encountered while attempting to access this page. The free PSU server on which this page currently resides is unstable. Dimensionality is currently exploring options with several independent providers. We should be able to move this page to a new server in the next couple weeks
-The Watcher

January 2, 1997

Dimensionality has just released examples for our new func_frame class. Currently this includes the progs.dat and all documentation on using the class, as well as 3 seperate example levels. We are currently in the midst of a new episode, and we are implementing this new class, as well as many others. The files can be downloaded from http://www.personal.psu.edu/~mhk113
-The Watcher

November 6, 1996

Dimensionality has just released new versions of QBSP, Light and Vis which feature new, user friendly interfaces for DOS, better command line handling, the ability to run Light and Vis from QBSP with all command line parameters, full logging, a nice -fast option on Light for those lighting tests, and much more. The entire package, titled QuBE, can be found on: ftp://mhk113.rh.psu.edu/pub/dimensionality/utils/qube.zip in the next day or so it should also appear on ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/ in pub/quake/utils/level_edit/bsp_builders

In the next couple weeks we will be releasing a handy Pak handling tool, called Paq, and Wack, a nice wad2 handler. As soon as our team of mathematicians gets done, we will also be releasing a much faster version of Vis. Happy building!
-The Watcher

November 4, 1996

Dimensionality is looking for a model editor who can build Daleks, weapons, players for a Doctor Who TC followup to Energia, our Doom ][ Doctor Who TC. If you are interested, contact me at watcher@mhk113.rh.psu.edu
-The Watcher

19 May 1996

Visit fabled Skaro -- As a Movellan, the radiation will not be a concern to you. Set in the universe of Doctor Who, Energia is a quest of the routed Movellans to capture a new Time Disruptor being built by their enemies, the Daleks.


New maps -- 20 maps in release 1.0 New graphics New sprites -- Daleks (most from scans), Movellans, stuff New musics -- all original music New Sounds -- as appropriate


Doom II, about 6M free HD space, and a system able to run Doom II -- to run the Demos, you need Doom II to be version 1.9, otherwise you should start the game from the command line before the engine hypocondriacly declares it can't run the demos and throws you back at the prompt. Non MS-DOS users will need DeuSF or equivalent (like DMMADS) for their OS.

Anyone who's figured out how to replace sprites and stuff with MAC Doom II plz let me know -- one tester has reported serious problems.

Also -- Linux Doom II sounds might not be getting replaced -- any help here would also be appreciated.

***** Setting:

After being routed by the Terrans, the Movellans are desperate to regain a foothold in the balance of power. Unfortunately, the strains and uncertianties have caused the Movellans to fracture into hostile factions (deathmatch only -- not coop or 1-play). Meanwhile, the Daleks have been working on a new Time Disruptor, one with more precise capabilities, using a different operating source, which is seen by Movellans as an opportunity...

Your mission is to reach Skaro, find the Time Disruptor, and tag it for transmatting away from Skaro. You will not have backup (except in cooperative play), but will be replaced if eliminated.

(Deathmatch: as you reach Skaro, you discover that your rival factions have come to precisely the same idea! At nearly all costs they must not get the Time Disrutor -- the only thing worse would be for the Daleks to still have it after it's working...)

**** Itinerary

Arrival on Skaro A Ruin on Skaro Meet the Daleks The Weapons Center Information Processing The Batteries Industral Zone The Cooling Ducts Security Metal Hell The Dalek City The Waste Tunned The Ancient Reactor The Hole in Skaro The Nexus Main Concourse on Skaro The Offices The Gubernatorial Mansion The Control Room The Research Installation (Deathmatch -- remember: it's a race to the finish)

***** Difficulty settings

Skill 2 -- HARD Skill 4 -- Pretty Hard Skill 5 -- Pretty fast and hard (but should be playable) Skill 1 -- Still fairly hard, but you're more resistant to Dalek firepower Skill 3 -- Easy -- for people who don't like monsters much in deathmatch

Should be available soon at ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/

The last beta is still at http://www.wwiv.com/~plosher/drwho, but should be replaced with release 1.0 soon

If all else fails, email me at in87@jove.acs.unt.edu -- my default is to MIME attatch the 1.1M ZIP file, so if this won't work let me know how to send it.

-Dr Strangelove

29 October 1995

I've been working on this since JUNE.

So far I only have 14 maps, and my plan was to have 32... at this rate, Quake will be finished first! If you want to see if it's good enough to be worth your time (or even if you just want to see it), e-mail me and I can mail you build 36, which I assembled late last night -- the ZIP is about 714k -- you will need nearly 6 meg of disk space for the working file, though (part of why I want 32 maps -- to make it worth the size required by the Sprites and Doom's requirements for patch WAD sprites)

(BTW -- I also need more pictures of Movellans -- I have the tape, but no screen capture abilities... more original music could also be a help -- ALL of the replacement music is original)

14 new maps, new textures, new graphics, new sounds, new sprites...

NO changes to DOOM2 files are made (DeuSF fat PWAD method)... ~~

Visit fabled Skaro... as a Movellan, the radiation levels are of no concern to you...

Points of interest and historical landmarks:

Map 01: A muto-rigged transmat leads to a dugout overlooking the facility from a ventilation opening...

Map 03: A cavern and weapons cache that dates back to the Thousand Years' War...

Map 05: Visit the very heart of life on Skaro. If you can find them, you can even see a couple of mutos in their natural(?) habitat...

Map 06: Visit a lengthy walkway before it gets messier and nastier in future builds, time permitting...

Map 10: Visit the industrial park. See a nursery of some of the Dalek's future geniuses in their formative years...

Map 12: So far the only map I didn't author myself... Its author calls it 'Metal Hell'...

Map 13: Come and visit the Gubernator's office...

Map 14: See the Daleks' ultimate triumph! No touching, please. Be the very first player in your deathmatch to aquire your very own time disruptor and win the game, ending the Movellans' methodological dispute in your faction's favor...

Replaced encounters:

Regular Dalek (Silver, from Lobser's design, actually pre-Hartnell if you look at the shape of its footprint and compare it to preliminary designs)

Dalek Scientist (Red w/ Blue Dots, c. Mission to the Unknown -- from Lobser's sprites)

Special Weapons Dalek (Silver and Black with Gold Dots, derived from a JPEG image sent to me)

Movellan Infiltrator (This is a player -- derived from a JPEG but unanimated -- I need more pics if I'm to ever finish this set -- and I know one beta tester who never wants to see Energia again until I fix this, but they ARE only seen in coop and Deathmatch, and he HAD seen an earlier version that had other problems as well...)

New for Build 36:

Dalek Embryo (in a ceiling-mounted transparent container -- from scratch)

Black Dalek (Black, but turned out greenish... only have one, and he's the resident of the Gubernator's mansion -- also derived from Lobser's)

Other replacements:

Rocket launcher is the Special Weapon... USUALLY only in the player's hands...

Fresh power cylinders instead of medical kits

The pistol and Gatling are also replaced... they still stink at trying to take the Daleks down with, tho

Mutos/Thals, wielding ancient shotguns -- right now they look like Sarges from DOOM, but the one who started it has plans to get me the replacement sprites...

-Dr Strangelove

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